Friday, November 30, 2007

Tian Harlan 'Frees You From the Dictatorship of Exact Time' (1971-1980's)

Available on Range from 200 to 350 English pounds. (sometimes on Ebay for around $150 US).

I adore these watches by Tian Harlan. Discovered in my search of some of the amazing 1960's-70's watches they remain on my list of favourites. Photos stashed away in my 'good things' file on my computer for years.

Tian Harlan (architect, engineer and artist) felt that time was too rigid; that we shouldn't be restricted by the constraints of exact time. To this end, he designed the "Chromachron" system that provides a different colour for each hour and movements that move fluidly rather then by every minute and second. Freeing one from the 'Dictatorship of Exact Time' (as he says).

Originally conceived as the 'Colour-Time' clock sculpture at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Tian created over 100 variants of the watch (and clocks) through the eighties.

The Story Of The Color Time Watch can be found here on and is a rather tempting acquisition. I want to read the story of time! I love how committed he was to this idea.

Featured in the book Pieter Doensens "History of the Modern Wristwatch", Doensens says:
“CHROMACHRON serves as an instrument for those who want to live time creatively. The precision of the Colour-Time feeling is not only defined by the perfection of the instrument. It requires from the user a new sensitivity, a consciousness of the self and of time.
The use of CHROMACHRON sharpens these abilities and brings true recognition of the time...... The Colour-time-circle represents the course of the day by light and colour degrees. The day has 12 hours and each hour is assigned a special colour. The brightest colour, yellow, is 12 noon when the sun is at its zenith.
Time and colour are relative. We can experience both objectively or subjectively. The meaning of the hours and their colours depends therefore on the actual moment. And each moment is a new one. Every day. In contrast to the hour numerals which remain forever rigid. REF: PIETER DOENSEN BOOK: "WATCH - HYSTORY OF THE MODERN WIRSTWATCHES" (p. 43)

He also made alarm clocks. Again, an alarm clock without exact time. Charming.

Because 'exact time' is oppressive. (I don't feel oppressed by time but appreciate the period perfection of this.) And I love that it is a gold & yellow clock to represent the sun & a cheery morning.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Edible Jewellery- Ambre France

Made awhile ago in limited edition and no longer available. Even photographs seem to be in limited supply!

Also interesting & tactile are her Braille Rings.

Loveliness on Etsy

Click on image to see larger. Also temporarily here

I've been browsing Etsy, partly for Christmas and partly for myself, and have been reminded of the loveliness I've previously found and saved in my 'favourites'.

Row 1-> Essimar, Ramona West, The Good Machinery ,Alexander Mobiles
Row 2-> Abigail Percy, Debi Van Zyl,Betsy Walton, Annacote
Row 3-> One Black Bird, Beth Pohlman, Jack Rabbit, Molecular Muse
Row 4-> Allysons Designs, Kjoo, Lizette Greco, Betsy Walton
I own work by both Betsy Walton and Kjoo already- both of which are divine.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 'Gift' Market at Poppytalk Handmade

The November Market of Poppytalk Handmade Poppytalk Handmade is up and I am a participant!

My shop page has been updated new work and I will be adding new work periodically. November is their 'Gift' themed market, and so, I will be showing many 'ready to wear' pieces (rather then mainly custom order), as well as, a selection of earrings and pendants.

This months market has as lovely a selection of work as ever. Included are:
Wearables and paper goods by Boygirlparty, Lovely Ceramics by Alyssa Ettinger, Drawings by Cedar Seven (a fellow Vancouverite), Prints and paintings by Ashley Goldberg & Photographs by Alicia Bock.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter Sale at Erin Templeton Shoppe in Vancouver, Nov 22nd 4:30 to 8:30

Winter Sale upcoming at Erin Templeton Shoppe !
Where: 511 Carrall St (at Pender), Vancouver Canada
When: Thursday Nov 22nd, 4:30-8:30pm

Designers includes Erin Templeton (of course), See:Be by Colleen Baran (me), Dust by Heather Young , Refresh , Allison Wonderland, Mono by Heather Martin,Imaginary Friend , Lustre and (about 3-4) more!

Clever locals will be in person with handmade jewellery (me + Lustre), clothing, purses, belts and shoes! (handmade shoes impress me every time).

Among my favourites is the coat above by Allison Wonderland. Very lovely and little red riding hood. As well as beiung a great coat, it reminds me of one of my favourite coats of last year, one by Charles Anastase.

Another I'm admiring is this grey blue coat by Imaginary Friend. Simple and modern with a vintage feel. It reminds me of an often worn, 70's "London Fog" rain coat I had as a teenager.

& I'll be bringing both 'old' & 'new' work; favourites that will include work from my:
Growth Series (which I love & is largely made of pieces undocumented online),
Bubble Series,
Floating Saucer Series (as pictured in the ring above- which benefits from the chance to try on as the fit is best described as 'surprisingly comfy'),
Simple Circle Series (which is full of basics great for xmas, etc)
and more. Many of which will be in my new little boxes!

Boxes for 'all things Floating Saucer Series'.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Exhibition Update- Both Retrospective and Current for '60 Years of MAGC and the Year of Craft'

As briefly mentioned before, I have a Cloud Bracelet (pictured) from my Cloud Series in '60 Years of MAGC and the Year of Craft'; a travelling exhibition showing in jewellery design schools and galleries across Canada that runs from March 2007-March 2008.

The current exhibition began Oct 26th and continues to Dec 9th at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery in Saskatoon.

Previously exhibited at:
* The Alberta College of Art and Design
* The Haliburton School of The Arts in Haliburton
* The Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto
* The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton
* And the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax

'60 years of MAGC (Metal Arts Guild of Canada) and the Year of Craft' is a juried national touring exhibition that celebrates and both the 60th Anniversary of the Metal Arts Guild and Craft Year 2007. It showcases new works from MAG members as well as important pieces made in the past.

The 53 artists featured include: Jackie Anderson, Colleen Baran (me), Charles Lewton-Brain (, Sarabeth Carnat, David Ivens, Janis Kerman and Shona Rae.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ingo Maurer Chandeliers and Lamps

Birds Birds Birds by Ingo Maurer. Made of aluminium wires that can be turned, bent or stretched. I Love things that can accommodate the user/owner/wearer/etc! As well as being customisable, the light bulbs have little wings made of authentic geese feathers.

Amazing ' Birdie ’ chandelier by Ingo Maurer.
A smaller version of the one above. I have long adored this chandelier. If money were no object I would also buy this. It is just perfect.

It was once available at a local store Inform that has impeccably chosen international home design and books. I've been 'browsing' there for many years and am always impressed with their selection.

Ingo Maurer - Lucellino Table lamp.
For those who can not afford to spend $5000ish on a chandelier there is also a smaller variation on the theme. I think they are $700ish.

New Rings and More Little Boxes!

I made a similar ring years ago and haven't a clue as to why it took me so long to re-engage the idea. I love rings with feet. While the grey felt gives this one a subdued look, I feel that the feet, the round shape the the ring, and the round felted saucer (rather head-like) gives this ring a jaunty, jolly feel. I feel a bit jaunty & jolly just looking at it.

Not just documented but also posted in my online shop.

A felted version of the Floating Saucers in grey . More colours to come- but I like the monochromatic contrast of soft and hard of this one.

And more little boxes to accompany them.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Little Boxes For My Jewellery

Some of the new little boxes for my jewellery!

Sweet little individualised boxes that fill me with delight! After the first batch was made I kept coming back to look at, arrange & just generally feel pleased about them. Small things make me happy.

Since I started to ship individual items (rather then the 20-30-etc for a shop/gallery) I've started to think about little boxes. I've actually wanted to make these for awhile.

I love the idea of a packaging that is like a gift. That, even when bought for oneself, it's arrival is still a new experience- and I think that adding little boxes and tissue paper to packages makes them lovely to open and makes a nice little home for them when in 'repose'.

Not every design gets its own little box, (though that would be wonderful) but a fair number Do get their own boxes. More then I first thought I'd be able to make! I'm also working on more photos that can work for general series so that I can spread the love to one-offs and experiments.

More to come!