Book a Week, Year 3 Complete!

Book a Week, Year 3 Complete!

After completing my Ring a Day project in 2010 I felt to urge to do another timed yearly project in 2011.  After brief temptation to do another jewelry project I felt excited by the idea of starting up a Book a Week project instead.   Growing up I read an average of a book a week but somewhere along the way in 'adulthood' I had tapered off into maybe 10-20 a year, so this felt like a perfect project to reconnect with my childhood bookworm.   After the visually focused design project of Ring a Day it was an interesting balance to do an internal project.

The rules were simple- read a book a week.  That's it.  I decided to let my subconscious and developing interests flow, to let the books be chosen in a stream of consciousness manner.  Accompanied by the luck of random vintage and library finds.

After making one a day, one a week sounds easy right?  Ha!  The first year of Book a Week was a big challenge.  Sometimes the week flew by accompanied by a great book, sometimes it was really hard.  Second year, still hard, third year, yep.

I've kept track of my books and noticed some common themes.   Lots of art books, books about books, and the brain.   Way more books about zombies and the apocalypse than I realised.   Also books of short stories- great relaxing before bed reading.    Shortness as a virtue, because regardless of how tempting they are they have nice set endings that make them easier to put down by bedtime.   ( Part of me is still the kid I was, up late, reading with a flashlight under my blankets. )

Top tags for 2013
-the brain
-short stories
- books about books


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