Pin and Brooch at TIJF

Colleen Baran
Brooch a Day 50, 2012
Water color papers, water colour paint, thread, steel

Colleen Baran,
Lips, Blood, Skin, 2012
Acid free paper, water colour board, acrylic paint, dyed thread, sterling silver
and stainless steel

My “Brooch a Day 50” and "Lips, Blood, Skin" were selected for  TIJF’s Pin and Brooch presentation juried by Alisha Marie Boyd and Annie Tung.  It will be showing tonight at the Toronto International Jewellery Festival's (TIJF’s) Pin Ball Gala, and festival launch party, at the Gladstone in Toronto.

 “Brooch a Day 50” and "Lips, Blood, Skin" are both from my Brooch a Day mid year project in 2012, a project full of brooches made of alternative materials that often focessed on the obsessive painting, cutting and shaping of paper.   'Brooch a Day 50' was made using shades from only one colour of paint.  'Lips, Blood, Skin' was made using 17 hand mixed tonal variations based on the colour of my own lips, blood and skin.  


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