TIJF Pin Ball Catalogue

TIJF Brooch Show Catalogue 
 Juried by Alisha Marie Boyd and Annie Tung 
Happily my brooches 'Brooch a Day 50' and 'Lips, Blood Skin' were both included in this beautiful show.

 The Toronto International Jewellery Festival presents the Brooch Show.   Celebrating the diversity of contemporary jewellery expression in the brooch/pin format from around the world.    The selected images were of brooches from over 80 artists and designers. 

The catalogue is a book full of lovely diversity, some of my favorite pieces include those by Paul McClure, Felieke van der Leest, Bridget Catchpole, Marta Mattsson, Francis Willemstijn, Barbara Stutman, Laura Deakin, Andrea Wagner, Ramon Puig Cuyas, Rebecca Hannon,  Annie Tung, Gabrielle Desmarais,  Tanel Veenre, Lana Filippone and France Roy.   I know, a long list, though to list all my favorites would be even longer.   It's a pretty good show.


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