Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin available for preorder!

The new book Humor in Craft by Crafthaus founder Brigitte Martin is available for preorder! The official release date is March 28th, 2012. It's a lovely hardcover with 256 pages (always love a nice hardcover!) that's full of photos of humorous work- and I'm happy to say that it will include one of mine! My Elastic Ring 1 (Ring a Day 1/365) will be featured in it and I'm thrilled to have be in what promises to be a fabulous book.

Elastic Ring 1 (Ring a Day 1/365)
My Day 1 ring in my Ring a Day project from 2010.

The book looks like a must read. Here's the blurb from the publisher-
What happens when professional craft artists are allowed to let loose – when they get to explore their mischievous and irreverent sides? Find out in this groundbreaking book, which, for the very first time, reveals an entirely different side of “serious” craft. Hundreds of images and essays from all over the world allow you to gain insight into the creative minds of contemporary artists like never before. A variety of traditional craft media are shown, such as furniture, ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry, and metal, as well as a number of unique, nontraditional techniques. Even a bus shelter in London gets a creative make-over that’s sure to make you smile! The topics range from the playful to the serious, but the message is always most enjoyable.


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