Saturday, February 28, 2009

“Reflection of Mineral” in Japan

“Reflection of Mineral”, an amazing and adorable gem-like house in Tokyo Japan. Made of angled facets, inside and out, it has such wonderfl light and utilises an ingenious idea for a car park. Designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita from Atelier Tekuto. (via peppermags via busyboo)

A Photographic Alphabet

Amazing use of negative space, I admire the time it must have taken to source all these needed shapes. A photographic Alphabet by Lisa Rienermann (found via freckle farm)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

'Weekend Deals' in the Storque! Sale Feb 21st & 22nd

While I very rarely (almost never) have sales but I'm having one this weekend on Etsy! Sale on 'everything' Sat Feb 21st and Sun 22nd. And, wonderfully enough, it's been featured in the Storque article 'Weekend Deals' with my Floating Saucer Ring 1!

Yarnbombed bus, tree and street signs

I was immediately wowed when I saw the photo of this knitted bus by Magda Sayeg (Photo: BNPS). I quite love the mix of granny squares, classic patterns and 3-d knitted elements shaped to fit the bus.

In the UK's Telegraph Magda Sayeg said, 'Luckily I had a small team to help me with the bus but it took a week to do'. Magda is credited as starting the idea of yarnbombing but you can see photos from all over the world on her website Knitta Please.

I appreciate the friendliness of yarn based 'graffiti'. Rather then use toxic chemicals to permanently alter a building, bench, etc it's a bit of fluffy, soft unexpected colour.

Also mentioned were a of couple local Vancouverites; knitting aficionados Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain are about to publish a book called 'Yarnbombing: The Art of Knit Graffiti'.

Perusing their site I came across some great examples of yarnbombing, including Lauren Marsden's series of 'Territorial knittings' wherein she knits signs for each of the six streets that she's lived on in Victoria, British Columbia.

I was also quite taken with this amazing red tree Diane Yee and Aaron Robertson found on a trip to Beijing, China. This yarn-wrapped tree was in Factory 798 which Yee describes as ‘a very large and thriving art district.’ Photos by Aaron Robertson

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Photo by Salva López, full of blinding sun love and and sweet kisses. Photos from Share Your Love on Flickr.

Happy Valentines Day!
I've meant to post many weeks of love related photos, stories, art, etc this month but have been largely away from the computer until now. So instead this will be the start of months of love. Not only love, of course, but lots of it.

Shoot my heart by yamming

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kirsten Hassenfeld- Dans la Lune Jan 17-Feb 22 in Brooklyn

Kirsten Hassenfeld
Dans la Lune
January 17- February 22, 2009
Smack Mellon Gallery in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn

I've long loved (and coveted) Kirsten Hassenfeld's delicate and detailed paper installations. Indeed, when I started SeeSeeBe (over a year ago now!) she was the first artist feature with her show at the Rice Gallery.

While I was rather decadently imagining them in a living room (my own) these would be fabulous in a shop or restaurant. Or some such place with a higher design budget then most individuals.

I can picture them through a high ceiling, open faced window, an installation like a glowing cluster of translucent jewels in the evenings.

What could be more inviting?