How lucky! Lovely soap from Dirty Loves Clean

How lucky!  I discovered I was selected for Dirty Loves Clean's lovely prize pack on The Bright Side Project.  

The prize was-
one 7up Poundcake Soap; Amaretto Soap; Green Tea Cake Soap; Peppermint Leaves Sachet; Lavender Buds Sachet; and Pomegranate Lip Balm.

The question-
Barbie “mermaids” getting stuck in the drain and needing to be rescued as well as drawing on my tub with colored “marker soaps” are a couple of my childhood bath time memories, what’s one of your favorites?

My answer
Bathing in my grandparent’s house when I was 4 or 5. While I was supposed to be washing behind my ears and diligently attending to practical matters I would instead be illicitly sloshing and rollicking about in their vast old tub as long for as I could.

Greeted afterwards by a stern lecture about all the water drenching the floor. But it was too fun to resist.

They had a heritage home (well, heritage for Canada) and the upstairs bathroom was superb. To this day it’s my dream bathroom. Everything about it had character; there were stained glass windows, a patterned black & white tiled floor, it was heated by an ancient radiator and, best of all, had a gigantic old ceramic tub set into an alcove. Big enough that when I was little I could swim a couple strokes across it. Or just one stroke front to back if I had a good push off. I can still remember the exhilarating feeling of that push and the giddy brief second where I was floating, propelled forward and not yet touching either side. A bit like the feeling of jumping off a swing.


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