Find Make Wear with the Victoria and Albert Museum

I was thrilled to be selected for the online showcase of "Find, Make, Wear' on the Victoria and Albert Museum's website.

Curated by an undeniably brilliant jeweller Dorothy Hogg
as an annex to her designer residency at the V&A. It is extra lovely as I've been a fan of hers for years. And am, needless to say, a fan of the Musuem.

Fluffy Cloud Ring Set
Colleen Baran
Sterling silver, polyester pillow fill

The 'Fluffy Cloud Ring Set' was inspired by enthusiasm for a found material, a smallish amount of polyester pillow fill found in a recycling place. I was delighted with its surprising softness and airiness. The rings use a framework of sterling silver to create a shape that is, appropriately enough, soft, light and airy as a cloud to wear.


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