Felieke van der Leest in Toronto, Jan 24th to March 8th

Gusz Goosz(2008) and Sir Beauty B. Dandy (2008) object

The Zoo of Life
Felieke van der Leest
at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Canada
January 24 - March 8 2009

Dutch jeweller Felieke van der Leest's first North American solo exhibition opens this weekend, Saturday January 24th. Van der Leest's work is a uniquely creative blend of knitting, crocheting and traditional goldsmithing that often incorporates plastic toys. It's work that is innovative, thoughtful, witty and even fun. I can say without a doubt that it's a must see!

Sven Svanson the First (2008) and Second Peleton (2008)

If you can't make it to the show there's also a lovely book, 'Sieradenfables / Jewellery Fables' you can purchase through these gallleries or online from klimt02.net.

Coral Necklace (2000) Palm Ring (2000) and Underwater Ring (2000).

Chimp Champ, 2001 (above) and Spermheart brooch, 1996 (below)


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