Calendars and a day planner!

I'm more likely to use informal calendars. Indeed for ages the ones I used I made myself. My favourites were on 20" x 30" sheets of poster board. I'd make a poster for a month (with each day about 3"-4" square) and plan my time weeks to months in advance. Deadlines in large red pen so I could see at a glance how my month looked. But despite largely using my own calenders I'm certainly a fan of any good design and these are ones I'm tempted by.

'Once more around the sun 2008' is just perfect! Those little squiggly lines are actually days and months when seen enlarged. A vast calender printed at 3200 dpi in 35"x25" inch paper- and 3 copies for $25! I would love one. Though it would need to me mounted for sturdiness, and regularly taken down to use, it's visually charming and fulfills my need to see at a glance how busy I am! ***Edit, and being made of only numbers the 2008 version should still work for 2009!

It even comes with 2 'complimentary' linear calendars(above).

Also charming is the chronotebook by Wong Kok Kiong. It was a judges’ prize winner in last year’s Muji Award International Design Competition and is available in Muji stores across the globe. Rather then lines with times the notebook has a round AM/PM circles that allow for a more fluid approach to day planning.


Matte said…
That calendar is brilliant. I'd love to see something like that in a digital/interactive form.
ColleenBaran said…
You would!

Yes, the calandar is decidedly my favourite. I'd love one in my studio.

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