Diamonds made from the ashes & hair of loved ones

After my quick 60 second Hair Ring for the ring a day project I remembered this post saved in my drafts. Saved a shockingly long time ago- 9/13/08. I'm posting it as is but come back to edit it.

Diamonds made of the ashes of loved ones are similar to Victorian mourning jewelry but both far, far more literal and more subtle then the hair used in classic mourning jewelry.

Memorial Diamonds are available from Life Gem in the US, Phoenix Diamonds in Britain, and Algordanza in Switzerland.

According to an article on Yahoo, Algordanza's success is growing. In its first year, 2004, the company sold one diamond. In 2008 it was creating about 60 a month, largely due to word-of-mouth recommendations and media coverage, as they don't advertise. Each one takes between three weeks and three months to create.

While I'm quite familiar with man made diamonds I hadn't heard of 'remembrance diamonds' until recently. I've grown to really appreciate hair jewelry but I do have mixed feeling about mourning diamonds- fascinating, disturbing, morbid, comforting perhaps...

As well as cremated ashes the diamonds can be made of hair. An idea I'm far more comfortable with. New Age Diamonds, a company based in Russia, offers to make a diamonds from hair. And far less hair then you's think. Using only a handful of hair (roughly 1 gram), they will combine it with carbon to create a diamond.


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