A portrait of, and jewellery by, Finnish artist Maria Nuutinen

I think this is one of my favourite artist's portraits ever. (Though a little small- I looked everywhere for a larger, higher res version of this- but this is the largest I've come across).

Love the pointed toes. The third leg. The colours. That I just can't help but like somebody (even without meeting them) who poses so perfectly with a third mannequin leg.

From her interview on Klimdt02.net
"I have thought about my lecture and my works. And I think the main idea is people and our behaviour. I enjoy watching people, I find interesting to listening stories and destinations and also makeing my own stories. I like to be with people who dares to be just who they are. I don't like to talk with words that are so 'fine' that nobody understand. I like to be me.

I heard that some seminar people were surprised how I put pins through human figures on my pincushions. To me pincushions are just objects of my normal daily life. When I was little my mother used to make our clothes. I loved beautifull pins with different colours and I made figures and decorations by pins. I knew that pins can hurt but they never were woodoo objects to me. I don't mind that kind of things. I don't want to hurt people. But I also know that everybody hurts. There is not just happy life. Life goes up and down, that is a fact, I am sure. I like to give comments. My works can have a very clear message, but it may not be my personal opinion. It can be something I have notised and found interesting or something that someone has sed to me in the street."

More found on klimt02.net and on www.amazinganimal.fi


Ashley said…
I've seen that work somewhere recently. Probably in a magazine. Isn't she cute and quirky!
ColleenBaran said…
Isn't she just? Really, anybody who poses with a third leg gets brownie points.

I think I've seen her in a book too, maybe 'New Directions in Jewelery' or a 'Metalsmith Exhibition in Print'?(though her cleverness warrants many books and magazines).

Not sure where I first saw her but I think it was on Klimdt02 way back when.

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