Monday, November 30, 2009

How lucky! Lovely soap from Dirty Loves Clean

How lucky!  I discovered I was selected for Dirty Loves Clean's lovely prize pack on The Bright Side Project.  

The prize was-
one 7up Poundcake Soap; Amaretto Soap; Green Tea Cake Soap; Peppermint Leaves Sachet; Lavender Buds Sachet; and Pomegranate Lip Balm.

The question-
Barbie “mermaids” getting stuck in the drain and needing to be rescued as well as drawing on my tub with colored “marker soaps” are a couple of my childhood bath time memories, what’s one of your favorites?

My answer
Bathing in my grandparent’s house when I was 4 or 5. While I was supposed to be washing behind my ears and diligently attending to practical matters I would instead be illicitly sloshing and rollicking about in their vast old tub as long for as I could.

Greeted afterwards by a stern lecture about all the water drenching the floor. But it was too fun to resist.

They had a heritage home (well, heritage for Canada) and the upstairs bathroom was superb. To this day it’s my dream bathroom. Everything about it had character; there were stained glass windows, a patterned black & white tiled floor, it was heated by an ancient radiator and, best of all, had a gigantic old ceramic tub set into an alcove. Big enough that when I was little I could swim a couple strokes across it. Or just one stroke front to back if I had a good push off. I can still remember the exhilarating feeling of that push and the giddy brief second where I was floating, propelled forward and not yet touching either side. A bit like the feeling of jumping off a swing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Flickn Awesome' Tonight (Dec 2nd) in Vancouver

flicknfront- 475

Flickn Awesome
Fortune Sound Club
Dec 2nd, 9pm - 1am
$10 cover
Facebook event page here

A potentially a very fun photo show/ fundraising party tonight at the Fortune Sound Club. A celebration of photography curated by Vancouver Is Awesome.

I have a photo in the show- so me plus 98 other local photographers will be part of an evening long slideshow. But there's more! Even if you’re not too into photography it’s sponsored by Schramm Vodka, there will be DJ's, a free photo booth and some other great stuff courtesy of V.I.A.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tangents- tonight in Vancouver

Booooooom and the Lifetime Collective are bringing together six amazing artists for a group show here in Vancouver.

November 13th
Lifetime Space
68 5th Ave West
Vancouver, BC

The artists are: Erika Somogyi, Garry Trinh, Kenichi Hoshine, Ben Tour, Luke Ramsey, and Jennilee Marigomen. Definitely worth seeing if you're in Vancouver. Read more on Booooooom. Much more- they have interviews with all six artists.