Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Find Make Wear with the Victoria and Albert Museum

I was thrilled to be selected for the online showcase of "Find, Make, Wear' on the Victoria and Albert Museum's website.

Curated by an undeniably brilliant jeweller Dorothy Hogg
as an annex to her designer residency at the V&A. It is extra lovely as I've been a fan of hers for years. And am, needless to say, a fan of the Musuem.

Fluffy Cloud Ring Set
Colleen Baran
Sterling silver, polyester pillow fill

The 'Fluffy Cloud Ring Set' was inspired by enthusiasm for a found material, a smallish amount of polyester pillow fill found in a recycling place. I was delighted with its surprising softness and airiness. The rings use a framework of sterling silver to create a shape that is, appropriately enough, soft, light and airy as a cloud to wear.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Etsy Visits Vancouver- Tuesday, July 14th

As part of the West Coast Tour Etsy will be in Vancouver Tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 14 — Vancouver meet up with Maria, Matt and Anda, 7pm at the Cambrian Hall, more info on Etsy here!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Handmade Nation here in Vancouver Thurs, July 9th!

Handmade Nation
Thurs, July 9th, 2009
Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway (at Commercial Drive) in Vancouver
Craft Showcase at 7:00pm
Screening at 8:00pm
Buy your tickets here!

I was super pleased when I heard that Vancouver will be hosting a screening of Handmade Nation- so of course I'm thrilled to participate in the Craft Showcase portion!

It’s quite the event, this Thursday you can not only see the film but also; a talk by director Faythe Levine, a book signing, more of the craft showcase and even fun extras like a photo booth for pictures of marvellous handmade things you’ve bought or made.

I’ll be there with a table in the Craft Showcase, as will 14 lovely locals:

Colleen Baran As well as new work I'll have a small 'sample & seconds sale'- 40%-80% off!
Flaming Angels
Laura Bucci Handmade
Little bird designs
Bliss in a teacup
and more

Romance by Chis Craymer

Love these sweet spontaneous images from London photographer Chis Craymer's new book 'Romance'. Craymer captures special, raw moments by enlisting the help of real life couples chosen for their strong sense of personal style and individuality. (via cityofskies)

Lovely feature- Brass Knuckles Made For Looking Good, Not Evil

Brass Knuckles Made For Looking Good, Not Evil on As a lover of multiple finger rings, from waaaay back when, I love everything on this list.

Knuckle Duster Patent Leather Clutch by Alexander Mcqueen, $1,595, Saks Fifth Avenue Soap Knuckles,(below) $15, Spye. Soap brass knuckles!

14k Yellow Gold Two Finger Ring (above) and Two Finger Floating Saucer Ring (below)- both by me.

PeaceKeeper 300, $75, James Piatt

Monday, July 6, 2009

Call for Submissions: The Good Design Book

Submit to The Good Design Book
Designer and writer Christopher Simmons (of MINE) is working on a new book about designing for the greater good.

There's an open call for submissions that engage and addresses critical causes. This can include paid or pro bono work for non-profits, political causes, social justice, the arts, education as well as self-initiated projects that support the greater good.

Work can be in any medium - posters, logos, brochures, campaigns, naming/branding, experience design, industrial design, etc.

There's no cost to submit work (which is pretty good of them), and you can submit as many pieces as you want.

Deadline for consideration is August 1, 2009.
Read the submission Guidelines here

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

* Photo of postcard bought recently at the dollar store. I came home with a great haul of woodsy Canadian postcards with lovely lush colours & forest-y bits.

5000 hearts on Etsy!

It was a smidge ago, but I passed 5000 hearts on Etsy! Thanks to everyone who Hearted my shop!