Tuesday, April 29, 2008


How great is this? If I were in LA I'd definitely go.
Info below-

"For the first-time ever, the Poketo Warehouse will open its doors for a massive spring cleaning sale to make room for our new season's goodies. Just in time for summer, all of your favorite Poketo products, including wallets, t-shirts, plates, stationery, and even some one-off and archived items, will be on sale from $5-10. Join us for cupcakes, tunes and discounted goodies."

What: Poketo $5-$10 Warehouse Sale / Cupcake Social
When: May 10, 2008 10am - 5pm
Where: Poketo Studio - 510 S. Hewitt Street #506 Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Lovely enough, the TransCanada Etsy Team has included me in their series of profiles of eco-conscious artists! Read it here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Listen to the Mix Tapes


Like rifling through the mix-taps & music collections of strangers. Full of fun surprises and songs that made me smile/laugh/sing along. And I've only listened to a few so far. Great timing as I was in need of an influx of new music/a reminder of old/etc.

*** Some Velvet Morning by Nancy Sinatra & 'Oh Yeah' by Yello found in lynn.muxtape.com.
*** 'Ashes to Ashes' David Bowie! found in darkgirl.muxtape.com.
*** clashgirl1977.
*** sorbetcowgirl.
*** kattepus- "music to make love to"
*** effinglibrarian-

** And more!

I suppose that my only question is whether this is safe? Virus-wise. Since I'm not actually downloading I think it's fine?

A portrait of, and jewellery by, Finnish artist Maria Nuutinen

I think this is one of my favourite artist's portraits ever. (Though a little small- I looked everywhere for a larger, higher res version of this- but this is the largest I've come across).

Love the pointed toes. The third leg. The colours. That I just can't help but like somebody (even without meeting them) who poses so perfectly with a third mannequin leg.

From her interview on Klimdt02.net
"I have thought about my lecture and my works. And I think the main idea is people and our behaviour. I enjoy watching people, I find interesting to listening stories and destinations and also makeing my own stories. I like to be with people who dares to be just who they are. I don't like to talk with words that are so 'fine' that nobody understand. I like to be me.

I heard that some seminar people were surprised how I put pins through human figures on my pincushions. To me pincushions are just objects of my normal daily life. When I was little my mother used to make our clothes. I loved beautifull pins with different colours and I made figures and decorations by pins. I knew that pins can hurt but they never were woodoo objects to me. I don't mind that kind of things. I don't want to hurt people. But I also know that everybody hurts. There is not just happy life. Life goes up and down, that is a fact, I am sure. I like to give comments. My works can have a very clear message, but it may not be my personal opinion. It can be something I have notised and found interesting or something that someone has sed to me in the street."

More found on klimt02.net and on www.amazinganimal.fi