Monday, March 22, 2010

Ring a Day 27, 28 more flesh tones and Beauty products

Ring a Day 27/365.
Catching up with my blogging of Ring a Day rings!
Yes, this one is a bit creepy/painful looking.
Wet cucumber facemask holds peach moonstones. They look a little like boils from burns. Or body modification of some sort. Made of jewels.

Ring a Day 28/365.
Stella McCartney 'Care' moisturiser. Gift with purchase when I bought some cleanser.

Worn below as a finger tip ring. Next to my bandage- usually I hide these with camera angles but today it felt like it 'worked' for the photo.

Multiple finger rings for a sunny dispposition.

New photos of favourite rings from the Summer Series, started in 2002. Work from this series has sold in galleries and even been exhibited in the Canadian Design Museum.

Inspired by a visit to the Canadian prairies where the land is flat and the sky is never ending. A sky full of summer rainbows and vast dreamy blue.

Multiple finger rings for a sunny dispposition.